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Net Tokyo on September 4 report (reporter Xie Jia) according to " Japanese economy news " report, japanese aviation will from October the bottom begins to guard a pass on the west the course between International Airport and Chinese Hangzhou from every week 3 orders are added reach 7, increase the business affairs requirement that impose in order to answer gradually.

Report, hangzhou already held the United States 5 years continuously Forbes magazine " Chinese inland is optimal commercial city pop chart " buy of first place of a list of names posted up. Hangzhou economy progress is very swift and violent, and investment climate is exceedingly good. Current, day boat becomes field in Tokyo there are 7 numbers every week between International Airport and Hangzhou moving, close Osaka this the airport removes falling order to also increase 7 on the west, it is to obtain more business affairs passengers. In the meantime, because aviation fuel price is rising, day boat decides to cancel to be main target with the tourist " Chengtian Xi'an " course and " close on the west - Qingdao " course.

In addition, to raise the yield of Chinese course, day boat also is being accelerated will hold the airliner that fly from medium-sized aircraft instead small-sized machine. It is reported, at present the utilization rate of small-sized machine is 20 % , the target of day boat is to this money year half period increase this one proportion to 30 % .