In heart two countries course of first non-stop flight to
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Wu Fan reports Feng Yuan of Zhao Xiaobing of reporter of website of news of civil aviaton of newspaper of Chinese civil aviaton, China's reporter: On September 5 afternoon 14 when 30 minutes, clear sky 10 thousand lis capital airport, a mark had the airliner of Hai Hang HU489 of B6088 date to take off smoothly, it is indicating the two capitals city of two countries of medium, heart, opened line of non-stop flight to first; Airliner of non-stop flight to of Beijing = Berlin will be the passenger that gives an Europe to offer more choices and bigger advantage.
It is reported, on the line of Beijing = Berlin that this Hai Hang opens, used empty objective A330-200 is luxurious wide system plane hold fly, provide more perfect service to give a passenger, head the sky that airline of Berlin of a Germany still provided on boat airliner takes staff. This course from September 5, 2008 begin navigation, every week 1, 3, 5, 7, beijing time 14: Take off 30 minutes, berlin time 18: 00 arrive at German capital Berlin; Return trip time is Berlin time 20: Take off 20 minutes, morrow Beijing time 11: 10 reach capital airport, time of the flight in sky is 8 half hours about. According to Hai Hang market department transmits a message, this course begin navigation is 3880 yuan indulgence to go back and forth between fare that day (do not contain duty to expend) , course of Beijing of = of Berlin of begin navigation initial stage still rolled out the privilege since 550 euro to go back and forth between Cheng fare, the admission fee of Cheng going there and back that 2100 euro have official cabin. This branch chief expresses: "The overflow individuation that we want to make a passenger enjoy Hai Hang serves. "The overflow individuation that we want to make a passenger enjoy Hai Hang serves..
Wang Yingming of president of sea boat Inc. expresses to the reporter, the completion of Berlin new airport is devoted 2011 use, will elevate Berlin airport the status as airport of hub of European important change trains, also having enlightened to this new line development very positive stimulative effect. Airline builds Hai Hang general and various places sex close partner concerns, extend network of route of change trains of Berlin = Beijing, offer to the passenger more convenient serve with perfect change trains.
As we have learned, be in early this year the beginning of the year, hai Hang and German Berlin aviation signed strategic alliance. Current, collaboration of bilateral implementation through traffic, constant passenger and code share collaboration, enclothe city of 8 main cities inside heart territory, 10 many Europe. In Chinese churchyard, hai Hang will offer quick change trains to serve, carry route network of Hai Hang, classics Beijing but change trains comes the whole nation 4 big in city.
From 2004 Hai Hang opened the first intercontinental since Budapest of = of Beijing of long-range international course, already had Beijing up to now only then hair wait for course of many long-range international to Budapest, Brussels, Sanket, Xiyatu. The line of Beijing = Berlin that opens this, it is the course of Hai Hang's enlightened the 3rd nonstop Europe. Of this course enlightened, frame of network of the area in also meaning the sky that Hai Hang is in Europe already was formed.
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