Hai Hang opens Beijing to come course of Berlin non-stop flight to is weekly 4
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Our newspaper Berlin on September 6 report (reporter Liu Hua is new) Chinese capital Beijing and the history that German capital Berlin ended to do not have straight boat for years. Late on September 5 local time 6 when 30 minutes, the A330 of guest of one built on stilts of Chinese Hainan airline reachs airport of Er of Berlin peaceful case, berlin airline expresses to welcome with the grandest ceremony -- water supply of two fire control either side of Che Congfei plane is ejective grow long water column, it is Chinese head to wear straight airliner machine " give a dinner of welcome " .

Wowolaite of Berlin city mayor, China is stationed in heart ambassador Ma Canrong and Berlin airline controller to go back on one's word slow Shiwaci attends · to welcome a ceremony and speak. Wowolaite says, two countries capital restores straight boat, the economy that improves Germany and China and travel communication. He still wishs abstruse meeting obtains Beijing damage successful. Ma Canrong expresses, beijing and Berlin are friendly city. Germany has 500 thousand person every year to visit China; The Chinese visits the number of heart and this to comparative. The straight boat of two countries capital the heart in promoting each domain cooperates and people's friendship. Shiwaci says, berlin has 40 thousand person every year to visit China, straight boat will make their flight time shortens be not worth 10 hours. He thanks Hai Hang and Berlin airline to be implementation this all the time boat place made arduous effort. The Wang Yingming of Hai Hang's president that arrives at Berlin by machine of first straight airliner says, hai Hang will try hard in Berlin city of this Europe center is mixed the bridge in the sky of the friendship since Chinese form of a Chinese character, provide convenient, sweet service for the client.

Sea airliner machine is weekly one, 3, 5, day flies from Beijing Berlin, fly after Berlin stays two hours 20 minutes return Beijing. By the German federal that Berlin flies to machine of Beijing head airliner tonight those of chairman of parliamentary sports committee gets · but the gram says especially, he is very glad to take machine of first straight airliner to go to Beijing to execute a main mission -- join what German president gram straps to visit China delegacy, accompany a president to attend Beijing incomplete abstruse meeting opening ceremony watchs the game.

Head boat flies to Beijing still have a batch of special guests -- 22 students of 11 middle schools are in Berlin the teacher accompanies next heading for Beijing, with Beijing 80 medium students edit a special magazine together " 2008 incomplete of Beijing abstruse meeting message " .

The reporter sees, magazine of color of this medium, De Wenshuang language first phase already was published on September 4. Liu Weijian of accompanied Chinese Chinese teacher says, incomplete during abstruse meeting, this magazine still will be published 3 period, among them partial article still uses English, French, Italian and spanish, because this is approved,also have in 22 students flower, law, meaning, on the west the student of blood relationship, this project gets the support of Chinese incomplete couplet and association of German disabled sports not only accordingly, also get the support of European Union respect. Net of Wuhan ticket Wu
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