Nanning, hour of Wu city airliner is adjusted since 9 days to midday
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In new Guangxi net on September 2 report (Luo Xianbin of Hong Mei of Chen Donghai Liu) the reporter learns from group of Guangxi airport management, since September 9, nanning, hour adjusts the airliner of Wu city to took off 13:45 midday, at 14 o'clock 25 reach Wu city, wu city, the airliner hour of Nanning is adjusted for at 14 o'clock 55 take off, at 15 o'clock 40 arrive at Nanning.

Nanning, Wu city goes back and forth between an airliner from June 18, 2007 since begin navigation, went to the lavatory greatly a travel of two ground passenger. Nanning arrives the one-way time of Wu city by original need taking a car 6, 7 hours, shorten sit the time that the airliner needs a few minutes only, add airport of pass in and out to also do not exceed 3 hours. But as a result of before period of time, nanning comes the airliner hour of Wu city is not too late, it is too early, go out to cause inconvenience all right to broad passenger. For this, guangxi airport manages group for a special purpose and airline to undertake negotiation, nanning, the hour of Wu city is adjusted midday, facilitate two ground passenger is not affecting the circumstance that works in the morning to fall, lunch hind takes a plane again, aboard nap a little while, can appear energetically in Nanning afternoon or Wu city. Net of Wuhan ticket Wu