Na Hang adds Urumqi - airliner of Teheran straight boat
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Dispatch of day hill net (Wang Ye of reporter Gao Lirong reports) came on September 22 on October 25, boat Xinjiang branch will increase the flight number of Teheran of capital of Iran of Urumqi non-stop flight to south. Before every week 3, the Beijing Saturday - Urumqi -- Teheran course continues to carry out.

According to introducing, add Teheran airliner newly to be carried out every week, take off from Urumqi time is 19 when 50 minutes, the time that arrives at Teheran is local time before dawn 1 when, return scheduled flight is carried out after Teheran airport stays 90 minutes, and at morrow 7 when descend 10 minutes in Urumqi International Airport. Net of Wuhan ticket Wu