Qatar aviation will debut to with a ha reach new York more course of daily non-s
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Qatar airline (Qatar Airways) announced recently, debut formally to breath out the line of daily non-stop flight to that reachs new York more from October 26.

Current, qatar airline breaths out the by way of in needing to airliner of new York course to stop Geneva more, flight time is controlled for 17 hours. Use as the investment of plane of new-style Boeing 777-300ER those who reach line of non-stop flight to is enlightened, breath out the flight time to new York course to will shorten more 3 hours.

After course of non-stop flight to is enlightened, qatar airline with a ha reachs new York more course will be faced with major shift to rectify: Arrive at the airport to will overcome free International Airport by button tile (Newark Liberty International Airport) , ci Jie of humble of · of writing of instead button yo-yo pulls International Airport of heart · Kennedy (New York John F. Kennedy International Airport, the following abbreviation " Kennedy International Airport " ) , at the same time airliner general by increase 6 classes to every week daily 1, offer more going out that choose all right for passengers thereby. Net of Wuhan ticket Wu