Shenzhen airline opens Xining, Changsha, Guangzhou goes back and forth between a
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Reporter of dispatch of Qinghai news network learns from Xining airport, since September 16, shenzhen airline will open Xining, Changsha, Guangzhou goes back and forth between an airliner. This airliner everyday, airliner date is ZH9683 / respectively 9684, guangzhou takeoff time 14: 00, xining takeoff time is 18: 10.

Shenzhen airline (deep boat of the following abbreviation) relevant staff member tells a reporter, qinghai province is located in Qinghai-Tibet Platean, mineral products resource and source of brigade idle fund are very rich, as the country western the development that develops the strategy greatly is carried out, qinghai opens to the outside world and resource development strength also is increased further, come the grow in quantity of guest year after year of Qinghai investment, travel. Deep boat is based on value Qinghai aviation market to develop momentum, established Xining business department, undertook to Qinghai aviation market in advance considers to develop. This year on August 3, deep boat is returned newest introduced Boeing 737, 800 model plane coronal name " Qinghai date " . In coronal name ceremonially, deep boat leader expresses, xining will be added when waiting for a condition to mature, the country such as Hong Kong, Nanjing, Chengdu is big in urban airliner. After next year pond airport builds Yu Shuba, deep boat also opens line of purpose, establish aviation to carry base in Xining. Net of Wuhan ticket Wu