Dunhuang is enlightened to Tianjin course
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On September 12, dunhuang -- Lanzhou -- course of travel of Tianjin non-stop flight to going there and back debuts formally. This course plan is weekly one, 3, 5, day is carried out, in the morning 8: 00 take off from Tianjin, 10: 50 minutes of classics stop Lanzhou, 11: Take off 20 minutes from Lanzhou, 13: 20 arrive at Dunhuang; That day 13: Take off 50 minutes from Dunhuang, 15: 30 classics stop Lanzhou, 16: 00 take off from Lanzhou, 18: 00 arrive at Tianjin. This airliner uses the EMB145 of 50 people seat aircraft. After course is enlightened, will reduce come-and-go Yu Duihuang, Lanzhou, Tianjin effectively the intermediate link of go on a journey of 3 ground tourist, reduce travel cost, play the market of travel passenger source that uses Dunhuang, Lanzhou, Tianjin directly. Wuhan ticket Wu net