Without Xi Zhixiang harbor airliner next month restores
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The reporter learned recently, rose on October 1, donghang Jiangsu company will restore the flight number that reachs Hong Kong without stannum formally without stannic base.

Since without Xi Zhixiang from January 26, 2006 harbor course debuts, guest discharge resides perch firmly all the time. Because of reason of port check careful, course of HongKong and Macow cancelled temporarily on July 1. This " answer fly " date of airliner of Hong Kong course is MU2901 and MU2902. Everyday, type is airbus A320. From without stannum takeoff hour is 8:10, arrived at Hong Kong 10:50; The airliner was returned from Hong Kong 11:50, arrived at at 14 o'clock afternoon without stannum. Relevant personage reminds, the citizen that there is the plan that go to harbor during National Day can shift to an earlier date to seek advice to the airport that do not have stannum. Wuhan ticket Wu net