New York of open up of next year of American mainland aviation - Shanghai straig
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Meng Jin of reporter of website of news of civil aviaton of newspaper of Chinese civil aviaton, China, Bai Bei reports on September 22, airline of mainland of United States of the 5th big airline is in the whole world Shanghai announces, will open Chinese Shanghai and area of American new York on March 26, 2009 the largest key position- - the airliner of daily non-stop flight to between International Airport of freedom of button made of baked clay gram, the join airliner service that heads for Cleveland by Shanghai classics new York also will debut at the same time. This also is a boat outside the home enter Shanghai- - market of new York aviation, at the appointed time mainland aviation has same city (new York) UniCom China is the biggest two cities (Beijing, Shanghai) course of non-stop flight to.

Mai Aoyun of president of division of Asia-Pacific of American mainland aviation expresses, the airliner of daily non-stop flight to between enlightened Shanghai and new York is imperative, the act that they will pass a series of item oil and control cost will alleviate high oil price and demand not the double pressure that flourishing place brings.

As we have learned, plane of 777-200 of use Boeing of plan of American mainland aviation offers Shanghai to go back and forth between the straight boat of new York, everyday airliner plan, make American mainland aviation is become exclusive an alive bound two big the mainest finance city is enlightened and daily the airline of straight boat, also become exclusive in China 3 big cities are mixed one offer between new York daily the airline that straight boat serves. The characteristic of this course and uniqueness, also be American mainland aviation a reason that still holds to original plan after at present aviation of beautiful couplet boat, United States suspends enlightened China line in succession.

Respect of American mainland aviation thinks, at present they had had the line that new York reachs Hong Kong and Beijing, the course of Shanghai appears particularly important, shanghai and new York this therein the aviation market with the biggest dimensions between the United States still is lacked at present daily straight boat serves.

Be in early December 2006, dong Hang had opened Shanghai to go back and forth between the course of new York, exclusive non-stop flight to also is inside two years the airline of this course, nevertheless, dong Hang's airliner is weekly 4, those who take a scheduled flight is main also it is travel personage. And of focusing of American mainland aviation criterion more it is business affairs guest. Mai Aoyun says, enlightened and daily straight boat, it is to get used to the requirement of flexibility of scheduled flight of passenger of more business affairs, and the aviation hub advantage that the guest still can carry American mainland aviation to be overcome in tile of new York button turns fly to the United States and Canada 60 many cities. Current, the guest rate that beautiful mainland aviation is in Hong Kong and Beijing to go up to new York course is very high, in 80%- - 90% between, because the demand of business affairs guest is very exuberant,also be, and Shanghai is financial center, the demand of business affairs personage is bigger.
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