Empty canal personnel oversleeps after two airliners circle half hours, descend
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Greek civil aviation bureau said on September 29, the member that the airport on the island is in charge of Laisiwosi for nothing oversleeps and go to work be late, two airliners are forced the ability after circling at least half hours in sky descends.

A Greek police that does not wish to publish a full name tells Reuter the reporter: "They (airliner unit staff) call conning tower requests to indicate, but nobody is respondent. Commander of the traffic in that sky said to oversleep later. Commander of the traffic in that sky said to oversleep later..

The plane circles in the process, the member that airport official calls up other sky the canal helps a plane descend. After many minutes 30, two planes safety lands. According to the report, the member that this sky is in charge of calls his mobile phone alarm clock occurrence breakdown, so that go to work,be late. That police did not disclose the full name of the member that be in charge of for nothing, but say this person can be counted by suspend sb from his duties day. Net of Wuhan ticket Wu