China boat plane crashs urgently in Thailand happening sky on 32 people are inju
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Xinhua net Bangkok on October 2, 2008 report: According to Thailand media coverage, inc. of aviation of China of a Taiwan (China Airlines Ltd. , the following abbreviation " Hua Hang " ) the plane descends in preparation 2 days afternoon happen to drop urgently in process of Bangkok International Airport accident, bring about many on machine 30 passenger and steward to get hurt.

Plane of 747-400 of Boeing of this China boat takes off from Hong Kong 2 days morning, former on local time 13 when (Beijing time 14 when) descend in Bangkok Sumonapu International Airport. Before descending 20 minutes, pass through when this plane happen to drop urgently suddenly when cloud layer, but succeed again subsequently climb, final at 13 when 23 minutes of safety descend in Sumonapu International Airport.

The plane drops urgently the weightlessness of generation brings about on machine 21 passengers and 11 steward to get hurt.

Thailand airport official says, the aircrew before the plane descends helps in time to ground call medical treatment, immediately of the wounded after accordingly the plane descends is undertaken to hospital of around Home 3 by send cure. Net of Wuhan ticket Wu