"Special offer airline ticket " beard of return of golden week of Tibetan trap p
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Xinhua net Fuzhou on October 3 special telegram: "11 " the golden week passes half, tourist sets foot on return path in succession. Area of the Fuzhou City appears a lot of " special offer airline ticket " advertisement is seductive, fuzhou grows center of Wu of ticket of happy International Airport to remind, "Special offer airline ticket " bury trap.

On October 3, the reporter takes bit of discovery in the airport bus of area of the Fuzhou City, many people are sending out a few " special offer airline ticket " the small advertisement of model of written characters and calling card, these advertisement allege, can buy on a few popular line 3 fold to 6 fold " special offer airline ticket " .

Releasing these small advertising basically is airline ticket small agent. The telephone that the reporter offers according to a small advertisement, contacted this small agent, should buy a piece to fly on the sea from Fuzhou 6 lose a bill, the lady that pick up the telephone tells a reporter however, "Special offer airline ticket " just sell out, her at hand remains airline ticket of 3 pieces of two of October 5 total value only, persuade a reporter to buy total value ticket rapidly, cannot buy a ticket where otherwise.

Fuzhou grows staff member of center of Wu of ticket of happy International Airport to tell a reporter, during the golden week, the course of Fuzhou flying Shanghai basically is total value bank note, the airline ticket of popular line is hit fold also did not exceed 8 to fold. This staff member reminds return passenger, current, each are big in on market of urban airline ticket, price of great majority airline ticket is transparent, and small agent rolls out " special offer airline ticket " just use draw a kind of step that cheats a passenger even.

Proposal of this staff member is broad passenger, buy airline ticket to should choose big agent's reliable perhaps business travel website as far as possible, the small advertisement that does not believe street sends out easily or mobile phone receive " special offer airline ticket " short message.

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