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Xinhua net Shanghai on October 3 special telegram: During National Day golden week, aviation gives travel guest discharge to present height reporter from Chinese civil aviaton management board of the traffic in Hua Dong sky understood a few days ago, during National Day grows a holiday this year, the International Airport has Shanghai rainbow bridge on average everyday more than 420 rise fall airliner, and Shanghai Pudong airport has more than 720 to rise everyday fall airliner, aviation gives travel guest discharge to rise steadily nowadays, aviation goes out had been no longer all right " luxury " , however common people travel visits his family be away on official business those who wait is important give a choice aviation to go out to had begun to be moved toward from high end all right " in a popular style "

Aviation guest discharge increases considerably

Reporter in Chinese civil aviaton district management board understands Huadongde, 1978 up to now, handling capacity of carriage passenger of aviation of long triangle area shows fast ascendant trend to came 1978 1983, average amplitude is handling capacity of carriage passenger of aviation of long triangle area 6.3% ; Came 1983 1988, amplitude is as high as 33.8% ; Came 1988 1993, amplitude is 17.8% ; Came 1993 1998, amplitude is 12.5% ; Came 1998 2003, amplitude is 11.6% ; Came 2003 2007, amplitude is 22.5%

With Nanjing salary mouth the International Airport is exemple, since 2003, international Airport passenger flow measures Nanjing salary mouth to rise with increasing the speed of 1 million person-time every year to climb, afterwards was broken through 2004 4 million later, guest discharge broke through 5 million 6 million person-time respectively again 2006 2005, 2007 A year break through 8 million person-time

Range of growth of handling capacity of passenger of International Airport of Hangzhou Xiao Shan is bigger, already broke through 10 million person-time 2007, amount to 11.73 million person-time

Shanghai regards long triangle center as the city, airport of Shanghai rainbow bridge and Shanghai Pudong airport carried production target to obtain historic breakthrough 2007, year passenger handling capacity head defeat 50 million person-time, amount to fifty-one million five hundred and sixty-six thousand four hundred person-time, grow 11.8% compared to the same period

Relevant controller introduces management board of district of Hua Dong of Chinese civil aviaton, in recent years, aviation guest discharge increases considerably, swift and violent development and dweller income level improve economy of countryman of main profit from airline enlarges aircraft group ceaselessly, airline increases civilian run gradually much, this all went out to create a condition all right for aviation, make aviation goes out is a small number of people no longer all right " patent "
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