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Zhou Er of personage of know the inside story (30 days) divulge, if American international group (American International Group Inc. , AIG) be willing to sell international hires financial firm (International Lease Finance Corp. ) , silver-colored aviation hires private limited company in (BOC Aviation Pte. Ltd. , abbreviation " in silver-colored aviation is rented " ) may consider to undertake buying.

Silver-colored aviation is rented in is Inc. of Bank of China (Bank Of China Ltd. , 3988.HK) the subsidiary below the banner, and firm of the international banking that rent is the airlines with the biggest whole world hires one of firms.

Personage of this know the inside story expresses, if American international group wants to sell international hires financial firm and the price is likely, silver-colored aviation is rented in will try consider to its.

He expresses, at present this problem still stops only hereat.

Boat rents silver to hire a firm at buying Singapore plane 2006 for nothing in (Singapore Aircraft Leasing Enterprise) , become the Asia's biggest aviation to hire a firm thereby.

" financial times " (Financial Times) this week covers, to repay American government 85 billion dollar borrows money, american international group is considering to sell 15 business exceed below the banner.

" financial times " say, international rents financial firm price to may reach 10 billion dollar.

Silver-colored aviation rents a spokesman to reject to publish a comment in.

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