The strike makes airline of Boeing delay consign is claimed in succession
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Xinhua net los angeles on October 3 report: Company of Boeing of thumb of American aviation industry announces 3 days, suffer already lasted the strike impact of a month, boeing cannot on schedule to plane of business of partial client delivery, relevant airline already decided to demand compensation to Boeing company.

According to the number that Boeing provides, this year the 3rd quarter, boeing consign 84 commerce plane, than last year the corresponding period reduces 25; Since this year, the plane a total of Boeing consign 325. The plan that Boeing announces the basis before this, boeing will be in this year consign 475 to 480 planes. The personage inside course of study says, according to eye advancement is spent, boeing achieves target very hard already.

Occupy additionally " los angeles times " 3 days of reports, because Boeing defers consign plane, the business of many airline is affected. Airline plans Australian dimension precious to opened Sydney on December 15 this year formerly the airliner to los angeles, but must defer now to next year on Feburary 28. American northwest airline says, because Boeing is done not have on schedule consign plane of 4 Boeing 737-700, its plan enlightened new airliner formerly to must cancel.

By the negotiation crack that has with those representing capital, the month on many 20 thousand machinist begins Boeing 6 days the strike, the outfit of commercial flying unit that causes Boeing company stops. The negotiation involves employee firewood fulfil, emeritus pay and Medical Protection allowance to wait.

Analytic personage thinks, the strike will defer Boeing further the consign of 787 dream plane. About two years ago, boeing rolls out Boeing dream formally 787 planes, but because all sorts of reasons are deferred again and again,deliver the goods. Boeing says, to this year in July, total of 787 planes order already was as high as dream 346 billion dollar.

According to estimation, the airlines that Boeing will be every possibly to wear delay consign pays be as high as penalty due to breach of contract of 1 million dollars. Current, australia airline (Qantas Airways Ltd. ) , New Zealand airline (Air New Zealand) , Indian airline (Air India) wait for much home company to already decided to demand compensation to Boeing company. Net of Wuhan ticket Wu