The golden week: Aviation industry pulls hand money Fu Tong quickly
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This year 11 golden weeks, the choice enplanes the passenger of a travel relatively in former years has promote considerably. The tripartite that the reporter precedes from home pays platform money Fu Tong to understand, this year in September, the aviation passenger ticket that pays a platform to book through money is compared this year the average tower above of 1-8 month 64% .

Since passenger ticket of domestic aviation electron gained ground in the round 2007, the expert is forecasted, airline ticket spends a period continuously coming. Through money the tripartite such as Fu Tong pays the online solution of platform, the 1/8 that the cost that airline ticket sells continuously is equivalent to a representative selling only, 1/5, this means consumer to be able to get more material benefit. Money pays a distinct advantage that depends on oneself, sell a domain to hold absolutely dominant position all the time continuously in airline ticket. Besides cool one's heels of Na Hang, deep boat, age boat large airline pays understand to cooperate into the strategy with money in succession besides, 51666, the friend of business travel, article still wait for the whole nation agent of each big airline ticket, also pay an open up to pay the new channel of the service such as liquidation through money, special and custom-built the multinomial solution such as real time refund of the liquidation of real time Zhang that money Fu Tong offers, ticket that remove fee.

   Advantage resource is interactive sale

Up to this year in June, the active user of Tecent QQ already exceeded 340 million, enclothed the netizen of 90% above of Chinese. In the meantime, a variety of advantage resource such as net of Tecent of first of discharge of integrated country integrated family status and platform of perfect online customer service, money Fu Tong brought shift of more extensive client group, sale and technical support for airline. "QQ member is exclusive product sale " it is the plan of exclusive product sale that money Fu Tong pays a domain in tripartite. In cooperating with Shenzhen aerial, money Fu Tong organizes in QQ member " deep boat student swims activity " , huge raised deep boat advocate the member that the visit of the station measures peace conference registers a quantity, draw the brand exposure that used deep boat effectively. This activity accumulative total sells amount to achieve 300 thousand yuan of above, make deep boat first of all sales volume that extending a product. Wang Miao of director of center of sale of deep boat client expresses to the reporter, paying the collaboration that connect with money is this year the year with deep the most successful boat cooperates external.

   Airline ticket sells innovation pattern continuously

In fact, the innovation of mode of civil aviaton business, raised taller requirement to the fundamental IT technology of airline and online sale ability. Through paying the collaboration that connect with money, airline pays a solution except what obtain its to offer besides, still can pass money Fu Tong, relation of executive passenger client manages (CRM) the total scheme such as center of the call on system and net, offer more considerate airline ticket to book for the passenger then, the business travel such as circuit travel serves.
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