British fat couple encounters awkwardness: Sit together the plane is difficult t
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China Daily net is round-the-world and online message: According to England " daily telecommunications signs up for " reported on October 3, england ever weighed 241 kilograms in all to the couple, sit together to bring about a plane to cannot take off even. Since that awkwardness encounters, they begin to reduce weight wildly, 2 people are at present successful already thin body, feel to round-the-world trip " special self-confidence " .

In April 2005, toward Geenxi the island goes vacationing before couple of general of Allan · library, sit in them when the plane waits to take off, an empty elder sister walks over to say, the plane still is on track, whether they among them one person trades a place, so that let a plane,fly from the ground. Then, weight 20 stone (about 127 kilograms) library general gentleman rises to balance weight, the airlines flew eventually.

It is memory of library general madam to say: "Empty elder sister lets we the two forehead that take fuselage among them, then Allan stood of one's own accord. I will be very obliged to this, because I am honest at that time too embarrassed, so that dare not raise a head,come. Believe we weighed the degree that the plane cannot take off actually hard. And that or a quite big airlines, sit above full the person that goes going vacationing. Know in the accused so ' if you sit in tail, even if is such big airlines still also flies not to rise ' when, I feel this is a deathblow really. I feel this is a deathblow really..

After having such bitter experience, library general couple begins to reduce weight wildly. Library general madam joined thin body club, in persuading the husband to also participate in its. After the first week passes, 2 people of connubial decreased 8 pounds respectively (about 3.6 kilograms) with 9 pounds (about 4 kilograms) weight. In addition, they still changed the habit that has besides food and very late in the evening ability to have a meal, turn to the cookbook that gives priority to with meal of spaghetti, vegetable curry and beefsteak salad.

Till now, their altogether subtracted 12 stone 0 7 pounds (about 79 kilograms) weight. Library general madam says, she has changed the dress that wears 14 now, and she and husband travel to going out self-confidence became much, "The plane on me also does not feel awkward again now, we can be without difficult annulus to swim the world, this is really extremely marvellous " . (Wang Jing) net of Wuhan ticket Wu