Passenger of airliner incur loss through delay waits painstakingly 10 hours
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Times dispatch (reporter Zhang Lipu) yesterday (5 days) , weather reason creates situation of many airliners occurrence incur loss through delay. The airliner incur loss through delay that Ms. Wang that returns Guangzhou from Li Jiang takes nearly 10 hours, because think airline processing is undeserved, the passenger on the airliner is in after arriving at Guangzhou, reject to leave a plane for a time.

Yesterday morning, through the setbacks of more than 10 hours, ms. Wang that returns Guangzhou eventually appears very tired out. Ms. Wang tells a reporter, the took Jin Lu airline 4:20 scheduled flight that she and domestic person are midday of the world before wanting to be in originally returns Guangzhou from Li Jiang, but did not think of when board the plane time however the airliner incur loss through delay of the accused. What she did not think of is, this is first-class it is nearly 10 hours, the scheduled flight that she should take arrives all the time the following day before dawn just took off smoothly more at 2 o'clock.

"Saying is weather reason incur loss through delay, we are understandable, but always should give us an arrangement! " Ms. Wang says furiously. Be in beautiful river airport there, the airliner does not take off, airline the answer with exact neither one, so the passenger can sit in the airport only foolish etc. More those who be overcome is, in whole process, airline did not provide a bit arrangement and help to passengers, also did not serve even the meal.

Arrived before dawn was controlled at 4 o'clock, the plane descends to airport of Guangzhou white cloud eventually, the passengers with exhausted all of all body and mind the mood erupts at a draught, passengers reject to deplane for a time.

Arrived in the morning at 7 o'clock, airline respect controller appears personally to undertake an apology to all passengers eventually, 300 yuan still are compensated for each to all passengers later. Net of Wuhan ticket Wu