Revenue waybills class Eastern Gansu The site ranks first in domestic flights
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China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited (China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited, referred to as "Eastern"), Gansu Branch Cargo in July 2010 following the departure cargo sales create a new high of 1.3765 million yuan since August, September sales of origin and then of success, sending the respective 8,9 month sales 1.689 million yuan and 1.631 million yuan, exceeding the monthly issued in the struggle Cargo index. Lanzhou, China Eastern shares and 8,9 month average freight revenue per shift of origin to 05,000 yuan, ranking China Eastern Airlines domestic flights of the site's first single-class freight revenue. 8,9 month, the Ministry of Eastern Gansu cargo capacity into flat year on year; route network to reduce; passenger season, hot weather, high altitude flights by airport, the case load. The Department actively carry cargo marketing, increase the space flight control, and strive to improve the quality of the peak season freight revenue and achieved good results. Market, particularly in the September peak season demand gradually decreased, the supply routes of insufficient demand, the market conditions of falling prices, one hand clutching my e-mail the Department of Transport, on the other express courier companies to seize the class of supply demand. Last year, with futures in the same period last year, growth in mail traffic is not the case, the sales revenue growth of 32 million, an increase of 25%. "Results from the efforts; benefit from the market; customers from service" This is our freight people to keep Eastern Gansu branch of philosophy. Only if we redouble our efforts to improve service to win satisfaction, and ultimately we can win the market; in order to create better results.