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Big talk beautiful airport - big talk is beautiful orchid the International Airport serves a guideline

Big talk is beautiful orchid the International Airport is domestic trunk airport at present, cover an area of a face to accumulate 583 hectare, the 4E grade standard that flight division establishs by international Civil Aviation Organization is built, can satisfy Boeing 747, 400 those who wait for large airlines case fall requirement, navigational aid of system of 2 kinds of when track provides world advanced level lighting that aid boat, communication 2 kinds of appearance land system, other boat canal and airport service facilities also achieved international advanced level. Here environment is elegant, air is fresh, attractive scenery, but rate of afforest area afforest is amounted to 99.6% , be " gardens type " the airport.

The International Airport is located in United States orchid city of Hainan province big talk, register capital to be 470 million yuan of RMBs, legal person manages on behalf of Chen Wen, partner unit has big talk beauty orchid the International Airport is finite limited company of group of Inc. of aviation of airport of liability company, Copenhagen, Hainan, Hai Hang 4.

At present airport of United States orchid opens line in all 228, the course inside its China 219, area course 2, international course 7. City of be open to navigation or air traffic amounts to 74, the city inside its China 65, area city 2, international city 7. Handling capacity of International Airport passenger achieved United States orchid 2003 6.03 million person-time, in China the 8th is ranked in 140 many civil airports.
Hainan is beautiful 2002 orchid H of International Airport Inc. appear on the market successfully in Hong Kong. Subscribe of Danish Copenhagen airport is beautiful orchid International Airport 20% share, become United States orchid partner of International Airport strategy. In recent years, the International Airport is strengthening United States orchid while hardware is built, promote each service of the airport standard ceaselessly, those who devote oneself to to serve satisfactory rate is ceaseless rise. 2003, big talk is beautiful orchid integrated and satisfactory rate is International Airport passenger and airline 90% , normal ratio amounts to airliner discharged 99% . Early or late by national culture appoint award " the whole nation founds work of spiritual civilization trade advanced unit " , be in two years continuously " Asian freight news " the magazine organizes in choosing, have the honor to win " optimal and burgeoning airport " nomination award, successive win the throughout the country 3 years " passenger word civil aviaton " activity of appraise through comparison.
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