Xiamen Airlines and China Telecom signed a strategic cooperation framework agr
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November 16, Xiamen Airlines and China Telecom Group held a grand signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation framework agreement. In the future, the two sides will uphold the "mutual benefit, friendly consultation, mutual promotion and common development" principle, Establish long-term strategic relationship, to fully exploit the advantages of both resources in their respective areas, in the basic communication and aviation services, product offerings, comprehensive utilization of resources and other fields, in-depth cooperation, complement each other, Win-win cooperation. Ceremony, corporate trademarks are the blue-based Xiamen Airlines and China Telecom act of cooperation, Known as "the same color Xiamen Airlines were telecommunications, egrets flying and surfing." Pan Shi Jian, vice mayor of Xiamen, Xiamen Airlines is still general manager of car wheels, deputy general manager Zhang Qun governance, chief engineer Lin Chaoyang, deputy director of flight capital WONG Kwok-fai, Yang Xiaowei, deputy general manager of China Telecom, China Telecom Fujian Company Xiang Duan Jian, general manager, general manager of China Telecom, the Xiamen branch music together toward equality of the principal leaders attended the signing ceremony. Wang, general manager of Xiamen Airlines, the Ministry of Information building, government and enterprise customers of China Telecom Group, Division Deputy General Manager Lvjun Li represent the two sides signed the "strategic cooperation framework agreement", the car is still vice president Yang Xiaowei, General Manager and representatives of both parties give each other gifts. Signing ceremony was witnessed by Vice President Li Shuwang Xiamen Branch of China Telecom chair. Ceremony, Deputy Mayor Pan cooperation of the two companies to express my sincere congratulations, high hopes. Vice Mayor Pan combination of both that not only help the development of the two companies in China, but also help in Xiamen, Fujian and even the "ten Twenty-five "development, the Xiamen municipal government will further cooperation of both sides with good services. It is understood that China Telecom was established in 2002, is the national telecommunications reform program in accordance with established large state-owned telecommunications companies. Currently, the world's largest fixed-line operator, is also the world's largest Broadband Internet provider built the world's largest and earliest domestic business, the most extensive CDMA coverage 3G network, which owns "Tianyi", "My e Home", "business navigator", "Best Tone" and other well-known brands, with full-service telecommunications, multi-product integration service capabilities and channel system. In recent years, China Telecom continue to strengthen cooperation with the airline companies, with expertise in this area of information technology support and rich experience. Xiamen Airlines, as the first domestic enterprise operation by the airlines, over the years in ensuring aviation safety, improve service quality to achieve fruitful results. Meanwhile, construction work in the aviation information, achievements quite good. Ha Hang the "Run Control System", "computer flight planning system," "reliability, maintenance management system", "yield management system", "revenue accounting system", "Aviation Safety Management Systems" and a series of fresh Out the characteristics of industrial applications in computer information systems, some applications have been walking in the forefront of the industry, part of the technology or even to fill the gap. Xiamen Airlines of the information used in the company operational control, management, decision-making has played a positive Great role. Yang Xiaowei, deputy general manager of China Telecom Group, said the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will further promote the strong alliance, mutual benefit, shared resources and common progress. China Telecom will further strengthen the industry Service integration and innovation, tailored Xiamen Airlines attendant services, integrated office, online training, 3G booking, phone-in, for applications such as call center outsourcing services, and Xiamen Airlines to enhance the level of internal information and the complete, more efficient Good sales and service network to provide all communications and ICT support services. Total said the car, Xiamen Airlines and China Telecom's strategic cooperation, sustainable development will be planted Xiamen Airlines wings of science and technology, information of the wing in order to achieve information technology for intelligence operations, will also enable the brand interaction between the two sides Complement, enterprise resource sharing, customer service were linked, technological innovation were held. Through the cooperation, Xiamen Airlines, blue sky shining Egret brand of China Telecom will spread to north and south, spread around the world, the two sides will jointly Aviation and telecommunications business strategy to create a successful example of cooperation.