Miss discount tickets online booking card customer service to ask how much mon
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Online booking discount tickets, "customer service" first asked: "How many bank card deposit?" 11 o'clock yesterday, Ms. Huang want to buy a discounted ticket and missed the cottage site, have been cheated of nearly 4,000 yuan. Winter is approaching, Ms. Huang thought to play a friend's house in Wuhan, a friend told her, you can buy online discount airline tickets low, and she was pleased to search the Internet search, and sure enough find a discount air tickets booking website. Ms. Huang has published on the website call "400" at the beginning of telephone booking, "customer service" to ask her: "how much money your bank card?" Ms. Huang was very surprised, "I Carry You have anything to do with how much money?" The other party once explained, book discount airline tickets to pay a full fare and margin. The first time in online airline ticket booking Wong did not prepare, easy to believe the other side, by the other party's phone tips, respectively, Po Road in West and North Hubin Road Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank, six sinks to nearly 4,000 yuan to each other to account . Meeting over the money, Ms. Huang to wait for delivery but not the other ticket home, and then make reservations call, turned out to be "arrears are down," she realized cheated, immediately call 110. Siming Patrol Being at the alarm came to understand the situation, the matter over to Yasmin Criminal Investigation unit continue to investigate. Patrol to remind you: the Spring Festival approaching, the online booking air tickets and train tickets should pay attention to check the web site, to avoid errors on the counterfeit site deceived.