Do not the portable electron equipment such as aboard use mobile telephone
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In recent years, as portable electron equipment especially of the mobile telephone gain ground increasingly, in civil aviation implement on the phenomenon of use mobile telephone and other electron equipment also is added with each passing day much, already constituted menace to flight safety. A large number of evidence show aboard uses the portable electron equipment such as the mobile telephone to be able to generate electromagnetism interference, cause system of plane navigational aid, autopilot to be out of order to endanger aviation security badly then. Especially aerostat radio navigation and communication system are taking off, climb, into mix nearly land level, because aerostat is in low height, any electromagnetism interference are caused likely machine the consequence that destroys a person to die. This problem already caused the wide attention of social all circles. 1991, england a Boeing of some airline 767 - 300 model after the plane is taking off from Bangkok before long, a computer on machine was started suddenly choose unit instead, cause aircraft accident, on machine 233 people die entirely. It is notebook computer, portable that findings makes clear photographed collection machine or mobile telephone to cause this serious aviation accident accident directly, because create the computer on machine,the utmost of abrupt out of control is the plane got serious electron is disturbed. Brazilian aviation accident was mixed 1996 the aviation accident accident of Taiwan also was concerned with use mobile phone 1998. In addition, although did not cause serious accident,also have a few cases but the brim that had been close to an accident. On July 11, 1999, when some airliner prepares to be in airport of Guangzhou white cloud to descend, appeared to make an appointment with phenomenon of 8 degrees flight path deviate, after pilot discovers this one circumstance, inform steward checks cabin instantly, as a result discovery has 4, 5 passengers are using a mobile telephone. In steward before going up, give after checking, the plane just resumed normal flight path before land. On January 8, 2000, after some airliner is taking off from Zhan Jiang airport before long, the directive that pilot discovers plane compass suddenly and aircraft line existence are serious deviation, all of computer science department shows plane crab 10 sea mile. Pilot informs steward undertakes checking instantly, discovery has a passenger to using a mobile telephone. On Feburary 13, 2000, some airliner takes near course in Zhengzhou airport in, because the passenger uses a mobile phone on machine, cause navigation signal abnormal, cannot land normally, aircrew gives the ability after checking is able to land. Affection of afore-mentioned a few danger if not flight crew is seasoned, processing is proper, consequence is unimaginable. So how can the portable electron equipment such as the mobile telephone violate navigation system? The equipment that can produce electromagnetism to disturb to navigation system includes to be mixed actively the signal with active blame launchs device, what have distinct effect among them is active signal emissive equipment, be like a mobile telephone. According to international convention regulation, channel of active navigation system is 1200 megahertz, 110 megahertz, 75 megahertz respectively, other generator must not use these channel. But, if GSM system is system of 800 megahertz, CDMA,eye reach changes the channel of the phone is 900 - system of 1000 megahertz, PCS is 1800 megahertz, very as adjacent as navigation system. Once mobile telephone frequency produces a change, very as dangerous like frequency of equipment of the electron on machine. Other blame is active signal emissive equipment if plane of sport of notebook computer, electron, camera and recorder because used high-frequency clock oscillator, also can generate interference. Additionally laser record player is mixed CD - ROM equipment, as a result of laser sensor from dish on read the meeting when taking news to produce brief voltage pulse, enough disturbs the electric subsystem below cabin floor. Tell further, the signal that even if is electromagnetism interference is very weak, be like the person that use to sit in nose or advanced without any face to cut off, can affect navigation system directly. On international, include the United States, Canada, Europe to combine aviation bureau, New Zealand inside authorities of a lot of national civil aviaton and airline used respect of portable electron equipment to establish concerned regulations and program early or late in limitation. Total bureau of Chinese civil aviaton also made concerned regulations early or late, requirement airline undertakes broadcasting hinting shutting a mobile telephone to the passenger before take off. But, still individual passenger lacks safe consciousness and legal sense, apathetic to the broadcast of aircrew, intended or created danger situation innocently many cases, some is close to accident brim, endanger the security of other life and belongings badly. For this, total bureau of Chinese civil aviation is consulting on the foundation of the real case that international convention joins our country, begin to make set about what qualify the portable electron facility such as use mobile telephone on aerostat. This regulation will report the State Council to be issued as administrative regulations carry out. New regulation is on the foundation of farther perfect legislation, increased condemnatory strength. Basis " law of civil aviation of People's Republic of China " the 88th regulation: Any “ units or the radio that the individual uses and other instrument, device, must not prevent radio of hindering civil aviation to be used of special frequency normally. ” basis " criminal law of People's Republic of China " the 2nd make up, the 2nd chapter endangers communal and safe blame the regulation of the 116th: “ destroys the train, car, electric car, ship, aerostat, enough makes destroy capsize of the train, car, electric car, ship, aerostat happening, dangerous, have not cause serious consequence, be in 3 years of above 10 years the following set term of imprisonment. ” stipulates “ destroys facilities of vehicle, transportation, electric power the 119th times equipment, equipment burning gas, combustible explode easily equipment, cause serious consequence, be in set term of imprisonment of 10 years of above, life imprisonment or capital punishment. ” aboard uses the portable electron equipment such as the mobile telephone to bring about aerostat capsize to should regard illegal behavior as likely, form a harm communal and safe blame. Here, inform each passenger again, the safety for you and other life and belongings do not aboard use mobile telephone and equipment of other portable electron, because the individual is temporarily convenient,do not cause the loss that cannot redeem to other and society, the family that gives you and you brings needless trouble, more serious is the compensation that assumes because of this likely and criminal responsibility.
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