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Recently, the airline ticket price of past Hangzhou, Chengdu before setting out from Beijing drops considerably. This week begins, the machine fare of these course is lower than train ticket price even. Beijing -- the one-way airline ticket of Hangzhou wants 350 yuan only, beijing -- the one-way airline ticket of Chengdu wants 290 yuan only, to boat of Na Hang, country, Dong Hang such big airline, this is unprecedented low, the expert thinks " this is apparent abnormal " .

Low airline ticket is rolled out in succession

Last week, when the airline ticket price that Hangzhou goes before the reporter inquires Beijing sets out, discovery can buy 350 yuan unexpectedly 3 lose a bill, the airliner is Na Hang in the morning 8 when a 20 minutes, this was that day the lowermost fare of each airline. Subsequently the reporter discovers, beijing -- the airline ticket of Chengdu, na Hang also gave off the price to be 360 yuan 2.5 lose airline ticket.

After a week, many airline follow-up. Yesterday (20 days) the airline ticket that the reporter carries Cheng net, You Yi network from Beijing inquires the system discovers, beijing flew that day on Chengdu course, fare lowest is 290 yuan, country 3 airliners have boat such price. The course of Beijing flying Hangzhou, can buy the 350 yuan 3 flight numbers that change a ticket to share 9 that day, boat of its middle east has 5 flight numbers, country boat 3 airliners, na Hang has a flight number.

Na Hang makes target of public criticism

The salesperson of boat and Dong Hang represents the state, policy of sale of new airline ticket is the change according to aviation market comes of formulate. A salesperson says business department of Shanghai airline Beijing: "The competitor is flying in all inferior value is rolled out on course, want not to lose more passenger source, airline must want to be on the price make an issue of. Airline must want to be on the price make an issue of..

The reporter understands, of the market " change " come from since last week in Beijing field " hair force " Na Hang. 13 days rise this month, na Hang is in Beijing sadly -- Shanghai, Beijing -- Hangzhou, Beijing -- increased on Chengdu course everyday the 2nd airliner, and those who use is wide system plane, the seat is more, to attract passenger source, na Hang was used " low is politic " . As Na Hang of these 3 airliners start, beijing -- Hangzhou, Beijing -- the airline ticket price of Chengdu course " drop immediately " .

Dan Nahang does not consider as him " low is politic " caused low to compete. Chief expresses related its Beijing branch, na Hang increases airliner and sales promotion give no cause for more criticism. Na Hang is only on these 3 course a day two airliners, can not cause impact to the market.

Wang Yili of inspector general of department of market of net of journey of Beijing Youyi aviation thinks, na Hang this off-season increase a flight number, in aviation industry very scarce, its purpose may be to want what go up in Beijing aviation market to increase its " speech counterpoises " .
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