From the Chongqing since now flying Hong Kong goes back and forth between airlin
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Shop to attract more passengers to experience to Hong Kong christmas is mixed, chongqing airport yesterday (20 days) come out the message says, begin from today before January 31, 2007, the plan keeps less than 7 days in Hong Kong, can be in the airline ticket that center of sale of each airline ticket buys Chongqing to go back and forth between Hong Kong to 1180 yuan, and the tourist that plans to keep above 7 days in Hong Kong, cannot enjoy this privilege.

The airliner plans You Chuanhang to carry out, every week 4 go back and forth between Yu Gangyu with weekday two ground, chongqing only then hair time is 14:55, the time that influences through 2 hours reachs Hong Kong airport.