Buy a ticket to enjoy fold on She Xiangpeng aviation starts electronic passenger
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Yunnan auspicious roc aviation is finite liability company is based on the electronic passenger ticket of Internet to will go up formally on November 22 line sale. Want you to be able to get online only, the electron that has silver-colored couplet of a piece of China pays check, can buy at any time and place auspicious roc aerial discount airline ticket. This year buy inside year auspicious roc aviation electron passenger ticket, still can gain base of market price case of on 10% fold on lose privilege. More significant is, every pieces of airline ticket that you buy, will be auspicious roc the commonweal fund that aviation creates technically adds a brick to add tile.

This year on Feburary 26 head of boat auspicious roc aviation, with " simple, efficient " for core operation and service concept, 9 short the month introduces 3 Boeing 737 planes, opened Yunnan early or late provincial Kunming -- accept of Dali, edition, dali -- the Kunming outside edition accept and province -- many course such as Chengdu, Guiyang, Xi'an, Taiyuan, Jinan. Of electronic passenger ticket roll out, sell channel continuously for what the passenger offerred convenient, efficient, low cost, from now on, airline ticket price is more transparent, any passengers have an opportunity to be bought auspicious roc airline ticket of aerial special offer, absolved rush about the suffering that buys a ticket.

Compare with photograph of platform of other electron passenger ticket, auspicious roc platform designs aviation electron passenger ticket more conveniently to be changed with human nature, the page is concise, need to pass 5 stages only; The electron pays used the Chinese silver-colored couplet with most wide application tripartite pays a system, safety does not have trouble back at home. Pass the reporter's experience, do not need the most quickly to be able to be finished only order entirely ticket and pay a process, all travel information are shown before you, be clear at a glance. The id card that should carry you only can head for the airport to fly.

In roll out electronic passenger ticket while, auspicious roc the commitment that meets to reflect redound company, will take out sale of electronic passenger ticket 1% regard commonweal as fund, have charity in order to buy the name of passenger of electronic passenger ticket contributory, this is meant bought auspicious roc the passenger of aviation electron passenger ticket contributed a force to social commonweal career secondhand.

"Use informatization method to save time and money for the passenger, also save cost for the company, and these benefit benefit societies, this is auspicious roc aviation is right " simple, efficient " the explanation of the concept. " auspicious roc chief explains so related aviation.

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